Audits on the Blockchain

Here is how blockchain technology could offer transparent audits of transactions with various use cases and end-user benefits.

The Return of Static Websites

Everything old is new again and static websites are making a comeback.

Next Gen-Tech for Social Good

I will be hosting a panel at SXSW on how to use next-generation technologies like machine learning and blockchains for social good.

tmux notes

Notes on how I’m using tmux.

A Newsboat Bookmarking Plugin for Evernote

I’ve been using newsboat to keep up with blogs and other news. I wrote a small plugin to bookmark articles I read in newsboat to Evernote.

Getting Started with irssi

How to get started with irssi, the terminal IRC client.

Business Models of Conversation

Ideas around how to build business by packaging conversations.

How Advertising is Measured

A brief overview of techniques for measuring advertising and its success or failure in the market.

Some notes on blockchains

Ok so the crypto currency revolution is well enough under way, and since the hard fork is also in process, it’s good enough time to jot down some of the things I’ve learned through exploring the BitCoin universe.

Ad Targeting Personality Profiles

Proposal for targeting advertisements at personality profiles.

Hugo Deploys with Wercker and S3

How to deploy a hugo generated static site to S3, and automate builds with Wercker.

Annotate the Web

Various tools for adding annotations to the web.

Emergent Features in Web Products

Digital product systems exhibit emergent behaviour that creators can capitalize on to improve products.

Notes on Product

Notes on creating digital products. Updated regulary.

Mission Based Design at Comrade

One of our key principles at Comrade is doing great work for great clients. Each year we work with a few non-profit organizations that are doing amazing things to help improve our world.

Finished Products

A persepctive on when products are done.

You Can Help Medium Monetize

Recommendations for monetizing Medium.