royce wells


Hey, I’m Royce Wells.

I’m an American expat currently living in Lomé, Togo.

I work as strategist at CI&T focused on analytics and data architecture. I also manage an investment fund focused on West Africa businesses.

Brief History

I started messing around with computers when I was 4 (1996) and built my first website in 4th grade (2001) using Microsoft Frontpage. In high school (2006-2008), I ran a niche blog on secondary education before getting accepted at The University of Southern California (2009). At USC I studied history, spent a year abroad in France, and built more websites for students and school organizations.

After graduation (2013), I started a consulting group to create websites and digital campaigns for small businesses in Los Angeles, including work with a number of local nonprofit organizations.

I moved to Oakland and joined Comrade (2014) as an Account Executive, working on website design and development. I worked on projects for clients like BlackRock, Coca-Cola, and Wells Fargo. I started working with Comrade’s newest nonprofit clients (2015) and helped build the social and environmental practice over the next few years. The team built websites and other digital products for nonprofits like FairTrade Certified and Humanity United.

My first daughter, Nova, was born in San Franciscio (2016).

Comrade was acquired by CI&T (2017), we moved to Harlem, and I started to work remote.

At CI&T, I shifted focus to strategy and product management, helping clients set up and manage technical analytics infrastructure to make better business decisions.

We moved our small family out of the United States and my first son, Rémy, was born in Paris (2018).


I work at CI&T as a strategist focused on data architecture and technical analytics work. I spend a lot of time looking at production data and using it to help our clients make better business decisions. I do seed investments in West African small business.

I love to travel with my family and still mess around with computers. I keep notes on the things I’m working on and thinking about here on the site. If you want to get in touch with me, reach out.